Wednesday, October 20, 2010


DUALISM, originally uploaded by Mike Manusama.

Our Daily Challenge : Dualism

Looking for inspiration over a cup of know, the drink that's made from 2 different liquids?....but what do I know? haha

Test shot because I was bored. Will try and get another crack at it later on.


ABANDONED, originally uploaded by Mike Manusama.

Our Daily Challenge: Abandoned

My 50mm came in the mail today and I decided to use the wilting flower in the front of my house as a subject for today's "abandoned" topic.

Beautiful colors, bunched together made this flower pot in the middle of July. The other flowers have since died leaving this one left. I threw in lyrics from Kings of Leon's "Cold Desert".

The song is one of their deepest, if not THE deepest song when it comes to the feeling of being alone that I have ever heard from them.

Either way, great song, great topic. Good night!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


PUMPKIN PATCH, originally uploaded by Mike Manusama.

Pumpkin picking with friends and family on a beautiful Sunday in Long Island. I found my nephew and God Daughter in a pumpkin patch. If there is one thing I learned about shooting children it is that they don't have an attention span long enough to have an urge to be photographed! As you can see, my God Daughter lost any interest she had long before this shot was taken! hah!